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Creativity is like a spark that starts the whole long process of creating a piece of great work. We look for people with that spark.


We collaborate with industrial and graphic designers, engineers and artists to bring revolutionary projects to life.


We believe that great ideas are meant to be alive. The best way to do it is to act together with these who believe in success.

Viola Organista

Funded 100%
Raised $10,000

Leonardo da Vinci in 1480s invented a musical instrument called Viola Organista. However he never built it. For 500 years very few attempts were made to bring this project to life, moreover none of them fully succedeed. Until now. In 2013, after 4-years-long work, Sławomir Zubrzycki, Polish pianist and constructor, built the first concert Viola Organista and started a new chapter of its history.

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